Fidonet Deployments

The deployments behind Fidonet were designed to run on a modular level this in turn led to a large number of advancements in the system as it evolved over the years. The whole system was designed to run like a well-oiled machine and as such there were not nearly the number of issues that critics of the system thought there would be. In fact many people looked at the deployment of Fidonet and saw this as an opportunity for them to use aspects of the system for their own applications. Soon the core base of the system was popping up in other uses than just talking to BBS.

The use of the FOSSIL driver on a DOS based system required that there be a device driver present to allow the system talk to a modem that the person had connected to their system. This driver many times had to be loaded before anything associated with Fidonet could be used. This did have the benefit of being able to make things faster especially when it came to making connections.

Mailer Software

The Mailer software was used in helping to transfer messages and helping to keep the system moving as it was supposed to. This also helped to transfer to other pieces of software that were in use on a person’s system. Without this, there was not as much smooth flow between the systems as this was a large way of making sure that things talked to one another correctly. A user that did not have their Mailer program working correctly often saw massive issues with their system and as such a lot more of a slowdown in transferring messages. When the people behind the system created it, they knew that there would be issues and as such, they accounted for these issues. More and more people used Mailer as they found it easy to use and effective for them to run business as opposed to fax or using a telephone. These systems were not as reliable as that of Fidonet had become for its users.


As you are able to see, there were a lot of advantages that came from the use of Fidonet in the early days before the Internet took over things. It still has a place in its use and for the most part is still viable in helping business to communicate from place to place. Over time this system will evolve as has other systems and that will lead to a resurgence in the popularity of Fidonet as has been the case with other systems that were looked at as being old and past their prime. Fidonet came from the mind of a man that had a vision and soon became a system that people all over got the most out of in helping them get a system that will be a lot more productive than those in the past.