FidoNet is a global network of computers. It has been commonly used as a communication platform between bulletin board systems (also known as BBSs). It uses a variety of protocols designed for exchange of both private and public message (emails and forums for example)

The entire FidoNet platform was initially setup with just a few interacting programs. At this time, only one of of the programs could interact with the BBS system at a time, and had to be ported to support the other chunks of the BBS software. This changed when FidoNet became one few networks that was actually able and capable of supporting virtually every form of BBS software.

This modular setup gave FidoNet a strong advantage and enabled the company to replace date compression systems at the time in a relatively easy fashion. This was crucial in the time when long distance calling was an expensive ordeal.

Throughout the 1990s BBSes grew in popularity. this was also enhanced by the increasing availability of computer systems and computer storage to more and more people. FidoNet was caught in the storm of growth and towards the end of the decade, enabled millions of users to to be able to communicate on thousands of FidoNet’s servers across the planet. FidoNet’s users far outweighed any of its competitors and the company was considered a market leader throughout the 90s.

However with the rising availability of internet connections for local use, FidoNet’s system became much too expensive and inconvenient for the average user. the usage of BBS systems declined quickly to a point where most users abandoned the system in lieu of better and cheaper technology. TDespite the lessening user base, FidoNet is still used in many parts of the world and experts predict it will still be several years until the platform is completely disbanded.

What Is FidoNet?

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